Project CRM

 Project CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a fully customizable web based application created for the Project Marketing of Land or Building Developments.  The model for the application was designed after close interaction with Real Estate Professionals over several years.  There feedback and information proved invaluable in establishing the general format of the product, however no one system can completely manage all projects, therefore the Real Advantage Project CRM is completely customized to create a system tailored to your individual project.
How Does It Work?
This real advantage system can be accessed anywhere via an internet connection.  No Installation is required and the system is cross platform and cross browser compatible.
Features of the Project CRM include:

  • Contact Management
  • Real Time Property Matrix
  • Property Management
  • Contact to Property Linking
  • Task Lists
  • Live Reporting

Why Use It?
Project CRM has proven to be a cost effective method for Professional Sales teams selling new residential developments including land sub-divisions, apartments and resorts.  The customized program has increased the number of sales enquiries from clients’ websites and has allowed staff the track and manage enquiries in a professional manner.
The detailed customized reporting provides invaluable data for agents and developers including:

  • Summarizing where enquiries had come from (Important for future advertising)
  • Sale Prices
  • Number of enquiries per unit or block of land
  • Real Time Property management so that the end user can see the current status of each property for sale on the website.

As the Project CRM is customized to suit each project, the price will vary according to the size and scope of the project, as well as the required data and reporting features of the client.
Use of the product is charged per month.  This format allows clients to pay for the product over the term of the project as sales continue to occur.