PropertySync was developed specifically for clients currently using Console Gateway.  PropertySync adds value to your existing Console system by creating a live synchronisation of property listings with your agency’s website.  PropertySync also enables your key staff to access a variety of reports and graphs ranging from financial and property listing information to staff performance.

How does it Work?
PropertySync provides seamless integration between the data on Console Gateway and your own Website.  This allows you to place sales, rental and holiday listings on your website with no additional data entry other than what you already enter into Console Gateway.  Some examples of this include:

  • Active new properties are automatically added to your website.
  • Rental Properties are automatically listed to the website if the lease has not been renewed.  (Usually 2 to 4 weeks prior to vacate date)
  • Properties are automatically removed from the website as soon as an active tenant is placed against the property.
  • Photographs are uploaded to your website

Why use It?
PropertySync adds value to the investment you have already made in Console Gateway.  Once installed, it automatically works with your existing system to update data to your company’s website.  It is also able to extract Console data to create customised reports based on financial data, listing information, staff performance of your nominated fields.  In summary, PropertySync:

  • Provides significant cost saving to your business by reducing staff hours of data entry
  • It works in synchronisation with your current software with no additional training required for your staff
  • The required data is uploaded from the Real Advantage database hourly or daily as requested
  • You can access customised reports and graphs not currently available in your Console Gateway system.

PropertySync is available from $295 per month +GST. For a full proposal and price guide contact or call 1300 855 536.