Web Hosting

Real Advantage can look after all of your web hosting needs.

Whether your web site requires, PHP, ASP or ColdFusion we can take care of your web hosting needs. RealAdvantage have a solid reputation not only for providing quality web hosting, but for treating our customers as people - not numbers.

Real Advantage use the Amazon AWS platform as the backbone of our Windows web hosting system - the same underlying infrastructure as Suncorp, NetFlix, Lamborghini and many other large enterprises. Our ColdFusion/ASP packages are hosted on AWS EC2 servers running Windows Server 2012, IIS 8.0 and ColdFusion 11 Enterprise. Our packages also include MS SQL Server 2008 and MySQL databases.

Amazon's servers are housed in secure locations protected by physical security (biometrics, internal generators) and virtual security, including the same encryption levels and security as that adopted by major banks and firewalls engineered by Amazon for its own operations. We use Amazon's Sydney data center for our web and database servers in order to provide the fastest possible experience for Australian users.

As the infrastructure is virtual, your web site is not susceptible to hardware failure. If the hardware on which your web site is running fails, the virtual web server can be restarted on another physical server – resulting in mere minutes of downtime instead of hours or even days! SQL Databases are backed up daily to protect your data. In addition to the daily backup, Amazon archives database change logs. This enables us to recover your database to any point in time during the backup retention period, up to the last five minutes of database usage. We also take daily backups of your files and retain the 3 latest versions of each file allowing us to restore not just the current version, but a previous version if necessary.

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